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Getting new customers isn’t your problem. What you need is a fully automated system, that makes it easy for potential costumers to contact you within just a few seconds, 24/7. Helping you to achive such a system, without spending crazy amounts on paid traffic sources is our mission. We achieve these awesome results for you, through SEO. Working on your SEO for Canberra, you’ll be able to break through the wall that seperates you from your customers. 

Imagine being on the first search result in Google, when someone is searching for your exact keyword in the Canberra area. How much more money would you make per month, if you would own a roofing company in Canberra and your business website would show up on the first spot when someone does a Google search on “Roofing Company Canberra”? 10X more money? 20X more money? You know it best! 

We want to help you to achieve that! With many years of expertise in the SEO-Field, we are confident enough to say that we can rank any business in Canberra higher in the Google search. So what are you waiting for? 

How Long Does It Take To Rank In Canberra With SEO?

When we say that we will rank your website for certain keywords, we don’t mean that we just want to increase the rankings. We want you to be at least on page 1 for your target keywords. That is what we call success. But it does not stop there. We will do everything possible to make you rank #1 for your target keywords. 

This might be harder to do for certain keywords, as there is a metric called Keyword Difficulty (KD). This metric determines how difficult it will be to rank on page 1 for a certain keyword. The metric goes from 0-100. The higher the number, the harder it is to rank on page 1. Many factors are taken into consideration when algorithms calculate the KD.Backlinks are the most important factor here. If a search result has many backlinks from different domains pointing to it, it will be more difficult to rank for the term, and to outrank the site, as Google sees it as an authority, due to the number of backlinks it has. 

This is the reason why we can’t say “We will rank you in 2 months.”, because every website is different, as well as the niche it operates in. And so are the keywords. The most common thing for a new site to gain serious traffic (we’re talking about 200+ visitors per day here), is over the course of 6 months on average. But again, if you have an already established website it might take much less time. So as you can see, there is no way that ANYONE would be able to tell you how long your site needs to rank. 

It depends on the niche and on the competition. So unless it’s Google themself, you shouldn’t trust anyone who claims to tell you an exact time that your website needs to rank. Although we can tell you, that ranking in Canberra is still very doable, as local businesses haven’t picked up on SEO-Practices yet. So be the first one to do so and get in Contact to get a FREE evaluation of your site’s current SEO-Performance!

How Much Will It Cost Me To Hire An SEO Agency In Canberra?

Now you know that SEO takes time, and no one knows how long. Now you may think about the pricing. How much will all this cost you? How much will we charge, to make all these good things that come with SEO happen to you and your website?I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is again: It Depends. Well what we can already tell you right off the bat, is that we are no $500/month agency.  We charge more than that, so be prepared. You may ask yourself “why do these people charge so much?

The answer is pretty simple. We know our stuff. There is a reason why our slogan is “SEO that works“, because we know it does. We have studied SEO for hundreds of hours and for many, many years. That’s why we are confident, that we will rank your business in Canberra onto the first page for it’s keywords.  Another reason, is that as we mentioned above, SEO takes time. There is no way to work for one month and see a huge difference compared to the previous month.

That’s just not how SEO works. If you really want your business to rank in the higher search results in Canberra, you must be patient. Patience and expertise are key in SEO. That’s why we work in longterm relationships with our clients.  We don’t accept clients who aren’t willing to work with us for less than three months, because that’s usually the time SEO changes need to be considered fully by Google’s algorithm’s. That’s the time it often needs to see any results. Believe us, we’ve tested it many times. 

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